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Gardel, Margaret [] University of Chicago Citation: For her novel and inventive experimental contributions to understanding the mechanical properties of living cells from the molecular to cellular levels. Garwin, Laura Justine [] Harvard University Citation: For her outstanding contributions in increasing the strength and prestige of physics and biological physics at Nature, and for her service to the physics and biology communities, as a bridge between these disciplines.

Glass, Leon [] McGill University Citation: For development and application of methods of nonlinear dynamics to study physiological dynamics. Glazier, James Alexander [] Indiana University Citation: For his contributions to the development of the field of biological physics through the Cellular Potts Model and the modeling of limb development and angiogenesis.

Goldman, Daniel I. Goldstein, Raymond E. Gore, John C.

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Gratton, Enrico [] Affiliation not available Citation: For experimental and theoretical contributions to fluorescence spectroscopy and the elucidation of biomolecular dynamics. Greenbaum, Elias [] Oak Ridge National Laboratory Citation: For his application of high temperature solid state electrolytes and gas sensitive semiconductors to fundamental studies on the kinetics and mechanism of light activated water splitting in photosynthetic systems.

Grigera, J. Gruebele, Martin [] University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Citation: For pioneering the field of the study of the early events in protein folding using laser temperature jump initiation and fluorescence lifetime detection. Gruner, Sol Michael [] Cornell University Citation: For major contributions to the understanding of structure and function of biomembranes. Gunner, Marilyn [] City College of New York Citation: For her work in both experimental and theoretical studies of electron and proton transfer processes in proteins, in particular for her beautiful work coupling the theory of electrostatic interactions to the dynamics of charge transfer in photosynthetic reaction centers , and in recognition of her service to the Division of Biological Physics.

Ha, Taekjip [] University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Citation: For innovative work in the determination of nucleic acids structure and dynamics using single molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer. Hagen, Stephen J [] University of Florida Citation: For significant experimental work on and elucidation of protein folding and bacterial gene regulation, and for exceptional service to and on behalf of the Division of Biological Physics and the American Physical Society.

Hall, Carol [] North Carolina State University Citation: For creating a new paradigm to simulate protein aggregation through a combination of intermediate-resolution molecular models and the discontinuous molecular dynamics method. Hentschel, H.

Herzfeld, Judith [] Brandeis University Citation: For pioneering applications of Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy to biological membranes and insightful analyses of entropically-driven and long-range order in crowded self-assembling systems. Hingerty, Brian Edward [] Tennessee Wesleyan College Citation: For furthering our understanding of biomolecular structure and function by experimental x-ray and neutron diffraction and theoretical conformational potential energy calculations.

Hoff, Arnold J. Hoff, Wouter D. Hristova, Kalina [] Johns Hopkins University Citation: For the development of quantitative methods to probe membrane protein interactions and to reveal the mechanism of activation of membrane receptors. Huang, Huey-Wen [] Affiliation not available Citation: For pioneering new methods for studying peptide-membrane interactions and discovering peptide phase transitions in membranes that are related to cytolytic mechanism of membrane-active antibiotics. Hui, Sek Wen [] University of Buffalo Citation: For innovative application of electron diffraction and other physical methods to elucidate membrane and liquid crystal structures, phase transition and membrane fusion mechanisms.

Hummer, Gerhard [] National Institutes of Health Citation: For his pioneering research on the hydrophobic effect and the role of water in the energetics and functional dynamics of biomolecular systems. Hwa, Terence [] University of California, San Diego Citation: For fundamental investigations into the statistical physics underlying molecular biology, especially including transcriptional regulation.

Israelachvili, Jacob Nissim [] University of California, Santa Barbara Citation: For developing experimental techniques for measuring interparticle forces in liquids that have led to the discovery and elucidation of new types of intermolecular and surface interactions in complex colloidal and biological systems. Ivanov, Plamen Ch. Jakobsson, Erik [] Affiliation not available Citation: For the elucidation of ion transport through biological membranes by computer modeling of polypeptide, ion and water motions. Janmey, Paul [] University of Pennsylvania Citation: For pioneering work on fundamental properties of biopolymers and their implications for mechanobiology.

Jung, Peter [] Ohio University Citation: For distinguished contributions to statistical and nonlinear physics far from equilibrium and for elucidating the role of noise in biological systems. Kas, Josef A. Kasianowicz, John [] National Institute of Standards and Technology Citation: For his pioneering contributions to the field of biophysics including the detection, identification, characterization and quantification of biological and chemical polymers, and for the development of a new method for protein structure determination.

Keller, Sarah L.

Biophysics of DNA Protein Interactions From Single Molecules to Biological Systems Biological and Me

Kiang, Ching-Hwa [] Rice University Citation: For her work in experimental biological physics, especially for studying molecular interactions of nucleic acids and proteins using nanoscale probes, and for the discovery of single-walled carbon nanotubes. Kolomeisky, Anatoly [] Rice University Citation: For major advances in the field of theoretical biophysics by fundamental contributions to the understanding of the mechanisms of motor proteins, cytoskeleton dynamics, protein nucleation, channel transport, and protein-DNA interactions. Krueger, Susan Takacs [] National Institute of Standards and Technology Citation: For significant contributions to the advancement of biological physics in determining the structures of important biomolecular complexes and biomimetic membranes through innovative use of neutron small angle scattering and reflectometry.

Kurths, Juergen [] University of Potsdam Citation: For the development of stochastic synchronization analyses applied to recordings from biological systems and for fundamental contributions to understanding nonlinear dynamical systems. Lapidus, I Richard [] No company provided Citation: For mathematical and experimental contributions to the field of sensory transduction, chemotaxis and motility in bacteria and other micro-organisms, and mathematical investigation of the microbial cell cycle.

Lee, Ka Yee C. Leibler, Stanislas [] Rockefeller University Citation: For his novel and innovative use of theoretical and experimental tools from physics to address biologically important questions from robustness in biological systems to oscillations in living cells, dynamics of bacterial colonies, and developmental neurobiology. Levchenko, Andre [] Yale University Citation: For pioneering experimental and theoretical studies of cellular regulatory systems, and especially for elucidating chemical and mechanical mechanisms of guidance and control of cellular motility. Levin, Ira W. Liebovitch, Larry S.

Lindsay, Stuart Martin [] Arizona State University Citation: For pioneering studies in the application of scanning-tunneling microscopy to imaging biomolecules, especially images of the DNA double helix in water. Watson Research Center Citation: For fundamental contributions to computational neuroscience, using insights from physics to account for self-organization in neural systems, with applications to automated pattern discovery; and for pioneering work in ultraviolet laser angioplasty.

DNA Repair and Organisation

Litt, Lawrence [] University of California, San Francisco Citation: For achievements and endeavors in using nuclear magnetic resonance techniques for clinical and scientific research in medical physics. Loesche, Mathias [] Carnegie Mellon University Citation: For elucidating the structure of phospholipids films and membranes through microscopy and reflectometry.

Longtin, Andre [] University of Ottawa, Canada Citation: For the development of statistical physics methods to interpret the coding of sensory data by nerve cells. Losert, Wolfgang [] University of Maryland, College Park Citation: For imaginative studies of complex living systems, and for numerous contributions to understanding dynamical properties of complex systems at the convergence of physics, materials science, and biology.

Lu, H.

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Peter [] Bowling Green State University Citation: For his significant contributions to the quantitative understanding of protein dynamics, in particular, in enzymatic reactions by developing novel single-molecule spectroscopy and methodology. Lubensky, David K. Luthey-Schulten, Zaida Ann [] University of Illinois Citation: For her contributions to the field of protein folding including elucidating its basic mechanism and developing optimized energy functions for protein structure prediction. Ma, Jianpeng [] Baylor College of Medicine Citation: For outstanding contributions to the field of biophysics are in developing novel computational methods that have substantially expanded one's ability to simulate, model and refine flexible biomolecular systems based on experimental data at low to intermediate resolutions.

He is one of the pioneers and leading experts in the field. Mackey, Michael C. MacKintosh, Frederick C.

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Majewski, Jaroslaw [] Los Alamos Neutron Scattering Center Citation: For contribution to understand the structural properties of Langmuir films and model biomembranes at solid-liquid interfaces using x-ray and neutron scattering. McCammon, James Andrew [] University of California, San Diego Citation: For his pioneering applications of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics to provide important new insights concerning protein structure, dynamics and function.

McDonald, Joseph Charles [] Affiliation not available Citation: For advancements in the field of radiological physics and increasing knowledge in radiometric calorimetry, microdosimetry, neutron dosimetry and radiation metrology.

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Milton, John Gordon [] The Claremont Colleges Citation: For his work on the biological physics of nervous systems and their motor control. Mirny, Leonid [] Massachusetts Institute of Technology Citation: For elucidating principles of protein-DNA search, and for applying concepts and methods of polymer physics to characterize the three dimensional organization of genome within a cell. Mitra, Partha Pratim [] Bell Laboratories Citation: For applying theoretical physics methods to biological data analysis and theoretical engineering. Mohanty, Udayan [] Eugene F. Merkert Chemistry Center Citation: For his advances in the theory of polyelectrolyte behavior and its application to the understanding of the structure and transport properties of nucleic acids in free solution and in gels.

Moss, Frank Edward [] University of Missouri, St Louis Citation: For elucidating the structure of turbulent superfluid helium and for the discovery of stochastic resonance in sensory biology. Nelson, Philip C [] University of Pennsylvania Citation: For contributions to the understanding of soft biomaterials, quantum fields, and superstrings, using geometrical and topological methods.

Nemenman, IIya [] Emory University Citation: For his contributions to theoretical biological physics, especially information processing in a variety of living systems, and for the development of coarse-grained modeling methods of such systems. Neuman, Keir [] National Institutes of Health Citation: For his contributions to the development of single molecule manipulation techniques and the elucidation of the nucleic acid enzyme function enabled by these techniques. Nie, Qing [] University of California, Irvine Citation: For groundbreaking work on the application of mathematical and computational methods to important problems in systems biology.

Nienhaus, Gerd Ulrich [] University of Ulm Citation: For significant contributions to the field of protein dynamics with a broad spectrum of experimental techniques, particularly x-ray diffraction, gamma ray scattering, and time-resolved optical spectroscopies. Nordlund, Thomas [] University of Alabama, Birmingham Citation: In recognition of his pioneering work in protein dynamics, DNA dynamics and service to the biological physics community.

Oldfield, Eric [] Affiliation not available Citation: For a remarkable number of highly original and important developments in solid and liquid state NMR and their application to the study of lipids, membranes, catalysts, superconductors, and protein folding.

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She then moved to Cambridge, UK, to learn flies as a model system and has remained a Drosophilist ever since. His current research interest is to design cell—machines genetic interfaces and explore their potential for the real time control of living systems. His interdisciplinary team integrates methods from systems biology, synthetic biology, optogenetics, microfluidics and control theory applied to living systems.

His expertise lies in soft condensed matter and membrane biophysics, artificial cells, bottom-up synthetic biology, membrane-protein interactions, biomembrane mechanics, drug-membrane interactions, single-cell analysis using microfluidic technologies and biomimetic-microfluidic systems.

His expertise lies in biological physics and soft condensed matter, especially in computer simulaitons. His current main research interests are the biophysics of chromatin, DNA and chromosomes, and soft active matter physics. His research activities can be broadly described as studying biological systems by viewing them as living matter, or their artificial equivalents. He has made theoretical contributions to understanding self-assembly of integral membrane proteins, structural properties of DNA and DNA-protein interactions, gating of mechano-sensitive ion-channels, molecular sensing in protein channels, packing of DNA with multivalent counterions due to like-charge attraction, self-organization of actin bundles, motility and sensory response of micro-organisms, physics of biofilm formation, large-scale hydrodynamic coordination of beating cilia, bacterial cell division, and homeostasis in cell colonies.

Citations Publications citing this paper. Gerasimov , Nadezhda S. Gerasimova , A. Kozlova , Vasily M. Facilitated dissociation of transcription factors from single DNA binding sites. Ramsey I. Kamar , Edward J. Statistical mechanics of nucleic acids under mechanical stress Christian Matek. References Publications referenced by this paper.

Ansari , S.