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Queen's Royal Starship. Galactic Senate Building. Invasion of the Naboo. I am Amidala, Queen of Naboo. I am fourteen years old. I did not get to be Queen by bieng intimidated. Event though I listen to advice, I listen to instict most of all. Who knows what lies ahead. Fate is tangle. We can only follow a thread. References to this work on external resources. No library descriptions found.

Star Wars Episode I Journal: Queen Amidala

Book description. Haiku summary. Add to Your books. Add to wishlist. Quick Links Amazon. Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Audible 0 editions. CD Audiobook 0 editions. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Google Books — Loading Even though I listen to advice, I listen to my instincts most of all.

Just a few days ago, I contacted Valorum I told him that I am holding him personally responsible for the suffering of my people. Every day he delays he takes bread out of the mouths of the starving children of Naboo. I must say, Valorum turned pale. I could tell from his hologram that I'd shocked him. Fine with me. I'd meant to.

6 of Padmé Amidala’s Greatest Moments

That foul Neimoidian deserves to be taught a lesson. I argued with [Panaka about the decoy]. One of my duties as Queen is to accept any danger that might arise from my position. Amidala would have argued with [Qui-Gon]. How could he do this without consulting me? I couldn't stride forward and give orders.

I would have to trust Qui-Gon. I hate that.

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She really did hate that. The glares she gives Qui-Gon in the movie are ferocious.

The Jedi Rescue The Queen [1080p]

She is so angry with him that she compromises her disguise by failing to control or at least hide her anger "Well, I don't approve! And she didn't trust him, even when she had to. She's not good at doing things she "has" to. She personally went with him on Tatooine to supervise him. And Qui-Gon? He sat as if he was enjoying a sunny day! Sometimes, he even closed his eyes. He had risked my life on a nine-year-old's racing skills, and he didn't even break a sweat! Here is another vow: If I am ever elected Supreme Chancellor of the Senate, I will decree that all Jedi must demonstrate an emotion at least once a year.

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  7. The last sentence? She's only half-serious, but it's interesting - would the Jedi obey such an order even though it's against their teachings? And their duty is to obey the Senate or the Chancellor - it isn't clear which. She gives me the freedom to do the things that the Queen cannot. A Queen cannot.

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    I've created a division in myself. I am both of them, of course. But I find that I can only be one at a time. I wonder what it would be like to have no secrets. Ruler and girl. Mind and heart. She's only human. The desire to humiliate someone? Resentment against people you have to obey? Apparently she understands more than that. Remember AOTC? You're human. Not like that. She is too kind and compassionate to feel that kind of thing, to want to hurt or kill. The arrogance! I couldn't help myself. Perhaps I gave too much away. I don't care. It's so infuriating to be in this handmaiden role, unable to command!

    Especially when it comes to Jedi. But to be honest, I have a feeling that even if I were in my most stately of costumes as Queen Amidala, Qui-Gon still wouldn't listen to me. Yes, they are wise and respected and brave.


    But does anyone ever mention how infuriating the Jedi can be? Senator Palpatine requested an audience so that we could go over strategies. It was good to see him again, and to confer with him. He's always been one of my most trusted advisors.

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    When those on the Council of Governors doubted my abilities, he always backed me. Together, we should be able to sway the Senate. Hot rage surged through me. I had never felt such fury. This is an important moment in a number of ways. Of course it is important plot-wise, because there needed to be a reveal of this switching that had been happening, before the final battle can take place. She has a price on her head, has had to constantly travel and hide, and has been unable to confide in anyone except her Handmaidens.

    She has also been failed by the one institution she relied on, the Senate. As she puts it:. Rather than claiming the title of Queen for herself and demanding the Gungans work with her, she, quite literally, takes herself down a notch. Her claiming of her high position is combined with her lowering herself to her knees. Here she puts herself in danger, does the unexpected and, with her honesty and clear goodwill, makes it all come to a good end.

    Bringing those together now makes her a stronger person, one who is victorious in the end.