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Is processed food healthy?

13 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Food Technology In India

How can blockchain technology help keep our food safe? Get the answers to these questions and more.

Introduction to Food Science and Technology

Inspire future food scientists! K teachers looking for curriculum inspiration be sure to check out our easy to access teaching resources.

Passionate about food? Passionate about science? There are so many career opportunities in the science of food profession.

Food Science and Technology

Join a community of passionate students pursing a food science career. Set yourself apart from classmates through competitions, scholarships, networking, and leadership opportunities.

Learn About Food Science menu icon down arrow. What is Food Technology?

Why Food Science Matters. Learn how Food Science is Essential Food Facts.

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Food science makes more food availably to more people right arrow Learn how food science is vital to helping solve how we will feed the estimated over 9 billion people in In general, it is acknowledged that an efficient communication among various actors involved in the food innovation process is of crucial importance to the success of novel food products and technologies. Communication should be two-fold, taking place both within the company internal communication, i.

About the Connect4Action project

Connect4Action brings together a multidisciplinary consortium comprising food technologists, consumer scientists, representatives of the food and drink industry, small and medium enterprises, and knowledge transfer experts who work between academia and the food industry. These tools are accompanied by two types of trainings, targeted either at young academics PhD students or food industry professionals. The toolbox consists of eight tools which are available here. The complete training materials are available via the ISEKI Integrating Food Science and Engineering Knowledge into the Food Chain e-learning platform , for which interested participants can register for free, through the project website.