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You can use the CRAAP test to test the accounts and sources used in a news report or you can use it to test the reliability of a website or page. It is located in Washington, D. The education section of the Newseum website has many downloadable posters and activities for the class. The Media Literacy Booster Pack has infographics, interactives and explainers for teachers and students on a range of topics such as evaluating information, separating facts from opinion, recognising bias, filtering out Fake News, spotting errors and detecting propaganda.

Players make decisions on which sources, political claims, social media comments and pictures should be trusted as they contribute to the day's fictional news output. Media Literacy for teachers Classroom activities, curriculum links and teacher resources for using the material on the media literacy site.

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Wed 15 Aug , am. Our public media literacy education partners external link. Mediasmarts Canada's national organization providing digital and media literacy programs and resources for Canadian homes, schools and communities. Curriculum Notes.

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  8. Curriculum notes: Fact vs Opinion vs Analysis This interactive lesson is designed for direct instruction to help students understand the definitions of fact, opinion and news analysis. Curriculum notes: News Diet Challenge Find out how to implement the News Diet Challenge into your classroom and discover the way it relates to the curriculum.

    Curriculum notes: Source checker The Source checker presents students with a range of fictional news articles to develop their skills around analysing, interpreting and evaluating texts. Curriculum notes: Bias illustrated Each of the comic strips feature a news story that has been written in a particular way. General resource links New York Times News Diet Challenge Lesson Plan This article gives teachers several ideas for some pre-challenge activities to do with their students. In fact, Gray's role was played by a lesser star, although Helen Hunt was cast as Smart for the TV movie - the same one in which Channel 9 reporter Bill Spencer played himself.

    The Pamela Smart trial was the most highly publicized in New Hampshire history and ranks as one of the country's most notorious televised trials. Its tawdry narrative pushed its way into popular culture through newsprint, television cable lines, true-crime book jackets and, finally, movie scripts. It was verity turned cinema-verite, and audiences couldn't get enough.

    It began in , the tale of a pretty, ambitious year-old newlywed who had an affair with a year-old Winnacunnet High School sophomore, Bill Flynn. With help from a couple of friends, Flynn shot Smart's husband, Gregory Smart, execution-style in the condo the couple rented in Derry.

    Slowly the shocking murder story unraveled to implicate the grieving widow, who was accused of convincing the boy to kill her husband in exchange for a future with her.

    For media, Smart trial was drama 'to die for'

    Ultimately the boys confessed and testified against Smart, who was sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and witness tampering. Smart is currently in prison in Bedford Hills, N. If the coverage satisfied the public, it also caused some judicial, journalistic - and even societal - soul-.

    Smart still has a petition for habeas corpus in U.

    Reporter For a Day - Lesson

    District Court here, based on the argument that pre-trial publicity - frequently compared to a Roman circus - tainted the jury, and that Gray failed to safeguard the jurors, and Smart, from that prejudice. It's not true! They got their sound bites, their quotes, and they're done. But the damage is done.

    Curriculum Notes

    Always, the damage is done. Smart's case was not particularly meaningful from a legal point of view. It set no groundbreaking precedents, tested no new scientific methods of gathering evidence. Rather, it had what producers of both news and fiction knew to be the delicious details of marketability. And the story broke at a time when the technology to deliver those details had ripened to match the public's huge appetite for true crime.

    Jill Conway Reporter

    In an unprecedented coverage decision, Channel 9 aired the trial live every day, bumping advertisements and soap operas in favor of record-setting ratings. Coverage of the Smart story began like that of any local murder - locally. Gregory Smart's killing, on May 1, , looked like the result of a robbery gone bad and was followed as such.

    The story did not take off nationally until the police established that Pamela Smart had been having an affair with Bill Flynn, a student in the district where Smart worked in the SAU media center. Feeding the story was the perception that Smart was Flynn's teacher. Smart was not a certified teacher, although she did work with Flynn on one or two extracurricular projects.

    It had the flavor that you see generally on daytime TV," said Mark Sisti, one of Smart's lawyers at the time. It took on a life of its own. Gregory Smart's parents appeared on Donahue.

    How to Pitch To a Journalist Through Smart Use of Social Media

    By the time jurors showed up at the Rockingham County Superior Court for the trial's opening day, they had a hard time finding parking spots because of all the satellite trucks. Reporters had arrived representing Italian, Australian and Japanese media. As the case wore on, the most salacious details of Smart's life became common knowledge.

    It turned out she liked heavy metal music and was a Van Halen fan.

    Mediasmart: How to Handle a Reporter by a Reporter - PDF Free Download

    The puppy her husband had given her was named Halen, and Smart allegedly asked Flynn and Randall not to kill Gregory Smart in front of the dog and not to get blood on the sofa. She had given him a picture of herself posing suggestively in a bikini - a photo that still can be found on "The Pamela Smart Resource Center" on the Internet. The press gleefully contrasted these details with what they saw in court and commented profusely on the bows in Smart's hair and on her shoes, on her color-coordinated business suits and controlled demeanor. Headlines dubbed her "Ice Princess" and "Maiden of Metal" - a moniker she originally earned as host of a radio show at Florida State University.

    Local residents were hooked, too. Michelle Franz ran the Seabrook Village Video store at the time. It was the topic of conversation.

    It became a part of people's lives. Residents in Derry and on the Seacoast sat riveted to the coverage in beauty parlors and restaurants. I think it gave people a real education in the court process. The Rockingham courthouse was small, and seating was limited. The court began to issue tickets - 30 a day - to accommodate the public. As the trial proceeded, spectators began to line up, sometimes as early as on March mornings, to get a ticket for the a.

    The district hired a media consultant to help teachers and administrators handle the press. Several reporters were so persistent they had to be thrown off school property. Adding a layer to the media intrigue was the case's central character, Pamela Smart, whom many believed was herself a deft manipulator of the press.

    Not long after the murder, Smart issued a plea on Channel 9, asking for any information the public might have about her husband's murder.