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Throughout, Sultana and Sasson never tire of their quest to expose the injustices which society levels against women. Princess Sultana once more strikes a chord among all women who are lucky enough to have the freedom to speak out for themselves. The book is about a lot more than just the Princess' two daughters and a great addition to the Princess' first book. I had to take breaks from listening to the stories of vicious evil injustices toward women in order to calm my rage, despair and compassion. Blessings to this princess for her revelations.

Princess Sultana, Mayada Al-askari and Jean Sasson

What a great book!! Looking forward to another sequel if she writes it!

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Enjoyable read! I learn a lot about the culture and women's rights. I will probably read the next book. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

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Yes, because I believe that they would find of interest too and bee as justifiably outraged as I was to read about various instances and practices carried out in the country as I was!! What was one of the most memorable moments of Princess Sultana's Daughters? The courage of these women is beyond.

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How does this one compare? Listened to Many more tears to cry just beforehand and compares well. Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? When Sultana's niece is forced into an arranged marriage with a cruel, depraved older man and a royal cousin's secret harem of sex slaves is revealed, Sultana's attempts at intervention in their various plights are thwarted.

Risking her personal status and wealth, she takes a stand against the complacency of her male relatives over the child's fate. Ultimately, Sultana and her sisters vow to form a circle of support that will surround and shelter abused women and girls. The reaction to the presence of the female Allied soldiers in the Persian Gulf war brought worldwide attention to the lowly status of women in Arabia. Public debate on the irony of liberated, democratic men and women defending a government that espoused such restrictions for women caused widespread consternation and commentary.

Princess Sultana's Daughters Summary & Study Guide

Sadly, this anticipated change did not happen. In the aftermath of the war, because of tightened restrictions on women imposed by the now more powerful religious men, the plight of these women actually worsened. One Saudi woman who watched this turn of events with great disappointment was a fiery Saudi Princess, a member of the House of Al Saud, the current rulers of Saudi Arabia.

This Princess resolved, upon seeing the restrictions on women tighten, rather than loosen, that she would take an unprecedented and dangerous action: she would once again prevail upon a longtime American friend and writer to describe to the West, as she had experienced it, the everyday life of oppression for Muslim women, whether royal princesses or village tribes women.

Princess Sultana's Daughters - Book Two Of The Princess Trilogy

The author's sources were the true incidents in the Princess own life, beginning with her childhood, through her marriage, motherhood and her adult coming of age right up and through the Gulf war to the present day. In the process of recording Sultana's life, the Princess Trilogy also recounts the lives of other women around her: her mother, sisters, aunts, girlfriends, women servants, as well as the lives of other significant women who she seeks out or meets by chance. Since there was personal danger in revealing the secrets of the women of Saudi Arabia to the West, for the personal safety of the Princess, the author called her "Sultana.

While recording the lives of Saudi women, the books, by necessity, recorded the lives of Saudi men. This is a follow up to her first book.

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This book is about the way women are treated in the middle east. The author says that it is a true story based on the life of a wealthy female relative of Sadaam Hussein. The stories she tells will make you sad and angry at the same time. It's hard to put down. Jacky K.

The underlying theme to this book is great wealth does not bring great happiness and teenagers are the same the world over even though they are raised in totally different environments. Saudi Arabia might be in the 21st century when it comes to wealth but they are still living centuries behind when it comes to mans humanity toward man. There is a lot of interesting insight to the Muslim religion in this second book.

Jennie B. Difficult to read because the circumstances described are brutal, this is an important book for all who care about human rights. Nancy L. All three of the books in this group this one, "Princess" and "Princess Sultana's Circle" were extremely interesting, although "Princess" was the best.

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Arab women have a bad deal, even if they are rich. The book was a glimpse into a completely different way of life. Brenna B.